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Posting tools, Private messages &Folders   Everything Else

Started Jul-30 by heavn; 166 views.

From: heavn


Hi there Gunter!

Perhaps technical support could take a look, or give me some ideas to try in my settings. Or maybe this is because of a recent Java update.

I have noticed a few things:

1. When posting a message, I have no tools at all. No font size, font color, underline, italicize, "source" icon, "insert file" icon, etc. Nothing at all.
I can simply type.

2. I cannot open any private messages that people have sent through my profile. I cannot go back to look at the old ones either.

3. When, as an Assistant Manager for another Room Owner, I opened up a Private Folder in his forum, so I could post to him, another chatter was kind enough to let me know that all I had posted in the private folder was visible.

The first two things have been going on for days. Logging off, and rebooting my computer has not helped.

I use Java with:
Internet Explorer
Windows 8.1

Thanks so much,
from me

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: gunter


The system shows you're using ie7? which is way out of date. Earlier this month you were using a different browser which is probably what you need. Ad blockers also produce the symptoms you are experiencing.

When setting a folder to Private anyone logged in at the time will still be able to access until they log out or clear browsing history. Wait a day or so before posting critical info. I can check more if you post the forum address.

let us know how it goes ...