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posting sig   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 9/26/19 by Bella (Isabella308); 945 views.

You've just got too much HTML coding in your signature. Go to My Preferences, scroll down to Personal Signature, Change/Edit and click on Source. Delete everything in there and then add this code.

<center><img alt="" height="600" id="main-image" src=""</center>

Click off Source and save it. This is what you'll get...


Bella (Isabella308)

From: Bella (Isabella308)


Well I did follow directions :)Well...I do believe it worked! Thank you so much HUGS !!! P.S. plus I found a new friend! I can ask you question, Why do I paste the code in the web and it comes up X Delphi code ….I copy the code and paste it in the place where it says insert image here. HUGS

If you're talking about the 'Insert an image or photo' feature...give me an example of a code you're inserting so I can test that out. Not sure what the "X" stands for.

That URL works fine for me. If you're getting an X when you use this link then I suggest you ask about this in a new discussion in the Technical Issues/Bugs folder.

Bella (Isabella308)

From: Bella (Isabella308)


 so this is what I get when I put it in that post code. I keep thinking it is something on this end. So it is a bug on their end Bounty? Where do I ask at?

First, are these the two pages you see in your editor when you want to add an image?

Bella (Isabella308)

From: Bella (Isabella308)


Yes indeed :) I put the code in that I showed you. then a black x shows up

Works for me...doesn't work for you. As I said...if you're getting an X when you use that link then I suggest you ask about this in a new discussion in the Technical Issues/Bugs folder. Someone with more knowledge of why you're getting the X should help you.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


try copying the address from my post and putting it in editor here

Which browser are you using?