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Host of forum page can't remember how to get in & update   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Oct-11 by Debloonie (kuehl112); 144 views.

HI there,

We have a forum page and our page needs updating, however, our host doesn't know how to log in and make changes to the main page. Can you please help me as he's not very tech savvy? Is there anyway that he can transfer the responsibility over to another member that can update the page? Thanks Debbie 


From: gunter


Which forum and where is this page, give us the url, the address? If it's not a Delphi Forums page you need to ckeck with the organization or previous owner to change access.

We can transfer controls to forums as needed but not to outside pages elsewhere. 

more details needed ...

  • Edited October 11, 2019 8:20 pm  by  gunter

From: gunter


Do you want to change the Start Page which shows when you click on the link you posted? That's done in Controls, Forum Customization, Start Page. The Host Jakiboyz would have access there.

If you mean the page you get via the Webpage tab, that's not under our control:

let us know how it goes ...