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Massive spam attack   Administrative Issues

Started 1/19/20 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 1593 views.

ROFL!!!!!!!  I am totally nuts; most I ran out of ideas for, about 20 are in varying degrees of activity.  


From: YWN666


I have been having a problem on my moderated forum with a chronic spammer who gets locked out and reappears with a new name which is the same basic name with a new number tacked on to the end of it.  Is there any way to ban this individual from creating more accounts?  It doesn't happen every day but it is annoying to have to continuously delete the posts and lock him out only to see another one appear.

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From: Gaelspirit


I am having the same thing going on that YWN666 posted about, the last couple days at forums I assist at, as well as my own. Very annoying.



From: gunter


It's not possible to stop someone from opening a new account with a valid email address. We do email a confirming access code to new accounts. Blocking a name combo wouldn't help, they simply switch to another name.

It's a constant annoyance on the Internet and that's why moderation exists.


From: YWN666


Might be the same person!

More than likely it's the "same type" of person. It's really sad that with all the information to be had and learned from on the Internet...that some people have nothing better to do than to be a thorn in someone's side.


From: YWN666


In their eyes, negative attention is better than none at all.  Yes, it IS sad.  I had a horrible experience with a troll a few years back where this individual created over 200 fake accounts over a few weeks time.  Each time I blocked the latest account, another one appeared minutes later.  That's why my forum was put on moderation and will remain there.  It's more effort on my part but at least the regulars don't have to dodge trolls and their spam in order to have a normal conversation.

When we were a new forum, 20 years ago, we had a few trolls stop by to test the waters. My guys just loved chewin' on trolls. Within a few months...the trolling stopped. Visiting other forums through their promo's...I noticed that certain types of forums got more trolls than others, especially anything religious or political.

My condolences to those forums who are accosted by trolls. that I find a little bit of solace; at least they aren't outside bothering people who are creating a better country. They've come to realize where they fit in the world.

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Your best bet is to put your Forum on MODERATION that way anyone who has not been given "VOICE" in your Forums controls, when they post~ their post goes into your controls for you to review BEFORE they are placed on your message board.

That saves a lot of your time and effort and honestly as long as you have that set up you  can't have any issues!

Just remember to check your Moderation Que daily so you can grant VOICE to those people ho you want to be able to post in your Forum.

You didn't mention if you have a chat room or not but if you do you can also put that room on moderation as well. It's a very simple process and a great way to prevent people from bothering you in there.

Enjoy your time on Delphi and if you need help setting anything up I'm sure everyone here will help you accomplish what you want!

Take care! Sassy


From: YWN666


Yes, I put the forum on moderation and check the que multiple times a day.  We've had a few troublemakers but the BOZO setting makes them lose interest and go away.