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ratings are more off than ever...   How to Promote Your Forum

Started Feb-13 by Polter, just (polter); 631 views.

see attachment - how can that be explained... I've been running the place since 99 and it is been one of the busiest if not busiest forums on the platform for those 21 years. 

it has never been on top. 

bp is ALWAYs promoted and ahead of us for some reason too... hmm

I have asked this question a few times over the years, never get an answer, but it's NEVER been this... bad:




Have you tried asking Lyndy or Kidmagnet (instead of Walt/gunter)?


From: WaltHowe


You've heard this before, but it's worth repeating. We never explain the algorithm used to rank forums. Frankly, aside from the original programmers, I'm not sure anyone knows the details of the algorithm now. If we did know, we wouldn't reveal it, because we know some hosts would try to use the information to game the rankings. Our advice is always to make the forum the best you can to attract lots of members, and let the rankings take care of themselves.


From: WaltHowe


I'll give you one more thing to think about. Perhaps the ranking algorithm does not just consist of things that raise your standing. It may include factors that lower your ranking, too. Think about it!

Yes, I've heard this before.  You can not deny there is some purposeful bias going on, and disrespect to what we do and how busy we always are.

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No, do you mean PM them?

 I just happened to see the front page today (rarely do) and was like w.t.h.


From: gunter


Aside from what was mentioned,  I've  pointed out before that activity is not how many messages are posted. There may be more messages posted, but if few people are looking at those messages that's less activity.

One person posting 100 messages and only 10 people look at them counts less than someone posting 10 messages and 100 different people look at them ... who has the most traffic?

That's  the main difference  in the listings.

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that makes the most sense of any explaination I've seen... but we are ahead in those categories usually also I'd say- 

There is no other explaination for always being under certain forums.... other than it is human 'choice' or preference.


From: WaltHowe


There is no human intervention in the listings. They are machine generated, and none of us has seen the algorithms used. The persons who programmed it probably have never been to your forum at all. It is what it is.

ok i accept that - but can't shake the strong bias when we're almost always alot busier in all ways though

they can promote bp, we are a bit more ... free speech but not as promotable and pc (usually the two go together).... perhaps?

it's been so long I really don't give too much of a crap, it's not changing obviously so I must just accept that

thanks for replying. I consider the matter closed.