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posting images   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Mar-7 by Its a New Day (wtraves); 208 views.

I have a question re size usage.

one of my visitors is basic delphi and when she makes a post she can only post a very tiny signature. If she were to go to a paid delphi would she be able to post bigger sigs like 

this below



From: gunter


The image you are using is at fotki ... DelphiBasic members can do the same thing and get the same size when using Insert Image From the Web. It sounds like your visitor is using  an image stored on her computer instead of another location like fotki - From your Computer - which resizes the image and which ends up smaller for DelphiBasic members.

DelphiExtra and DelphiPlus can have a permanent sig which is different than using Insert Image.

This may help:

let us know how it goes ...


From: gunter


Explaining more the difference between Insert Image from the Web and Insert Image from your Computer:

From the Web uses an image stored elsewhere like photobucket or fotki. When someone loads a message containing such an image, the system goes to the site and gets the image (as long as it is still there at that location) and then displays it full size.

When you use From your Computer Delphi Forums makes a copy of the image and stores it here since members can't access your computer to get the image.  Delphi Forums resizes the image to save on storage space depending on your membership level.

In reply toRe: msg 2

it doesnt resize her image it just doesnt let her post.

I will have to ask her more.


From: gunter


Suggest she post here with details of what happens if more help is needed. Need to know the filename and where it is located.