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forum lock out    Administrative Issues

Started Mar-23 by Freebird (freebird35); 165 views.

Hey gang, real quick one here. Can someone tell me the best way to keep someone off my forum?  I went too the control forum & typed in LOCK as well as GAG a few weeks ago & lo & behold I just got back from my doctors & saw he paid a visit on the forum yesterday?  What gives?  Any help would be greatly appreciated & bunches & bunches of thanks in advance.  PS.  I just now today also typed in the ON PROBATION so now all three are filled in.


From: gunter


If you locked out weeks ago they shouldn't be able to visit again. It's possible when someone  doesn't log out for a short  period of time, but not a week.  Are you looking at the actual  membername,  not the nickname which people can change?

PM me with membername and which forum and I'll  check more.

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First off, thank ya so much for the help. The name of the forum is Atlanta Braves Baseball & the visitors name is [removed]. If I misspelled it, no worries because once you go to my forum you'll be able to see who it is on the visitors list on the forum. And again, thank ya so much for the help! 

  • Edited March 24, 2020 8:28 am  by  gunter

From: gunter


Seems you also deleted the member, not just locked out? In a public forum a deleted member can come back without any restrictions as a new forum visitor.