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gunter or Kidmagnet o Walt   Welcome / Start Page

Started Mar-27 by Sheree Moondove (moondove07); 277 views.

Hey Walt,

I pray you and yours are all safe.  

I am having one heck of a time...LOL!  An artist designed a beautiful start page graphic for me.  But because she is an extra member instead of a plus she cannot do it herself.  I have tried to get help from others but so far I haven't heard anything.  Of course with this pandemic going on I understand completely.

The problem is the artist gives me code to work with.  And I am clueless as to how to get the code to work.  I work with codes that I write and put on the start page.  But this code...I just don't know.  Is there anyway that someone could help me with this?  I would love to know for now and my second forum I want to open soon.

Thank you once again



From: Gaelspirit


It doesn't work if you copy and paste what they gave you? 


It sure doesn't it has me baffled!  lol

I will have something for you tomorrow!!!



From: Gaelspirit


No worries about me (((( Moondove )))) -- hopefully one of the graphic designers can help you out if one of the staff can't.  (ETA: in the drop down menu here above, there are a couple graphic help forums listed you might want to try too)

Okay thank you for trying to help.  (((((((Gaelspirit)))))))


From: WaltHowe


Which forum are you asking about? Did you try pasting in the code she gave you, so I can see it? I can probably help you, but I need more information.

Hi Walt,

Hope you are safe and well.  I was just about to come in and tell you that it is working now.  Honest...*smiles*   I'm not sure what went wrong.  But like you said all I do was copy/paste and it worked!  I must have done something wrong the first time.

Here is the addy just in case you want to take a look.

Thanks again Walt


From: WaltHowe


You probably pasted it in from the visual view instead of the source/code view the first time.

I copied the code and I thought I put it in the code editor but you are right I believe now that I put it in the wrong place.  Yesterday I was actually paying attention and I pasted it into the code editor instead of the visual.  Finally I did something right!  LOL

As always thank you Walt, thanks to everyone that offered help.  I really do appreciate it!