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Promote, Promote, Promote!   How to Promote Your Forum

Started 4/2/20 by Kid (Kidmagnet); 2407 views.

These crazy pictures of the toilet paper hoarding situation will have you laughing at the silliness of it all,  vist the The Toilet Paper Forum and check out


From: heavn


pepsigal, the owner of 40sPlus room is having a chat day dedicated to Blackhawk49 who passed away.  Come join us anytime of the day for chatting, or at the certain times for TRIVIA!

                         ALL are Invited


   I am hosting the two LIVE "Cheaterz -R- Us"  TRIVIA Games.
We copy each other and also get a point.
We spell it wrong, it's ok.
I promise it will be fun!  :D


        Join us THURSDAY, May 28 
               at 40sPlus:


In reply toRe: msg 30

From: heavn


Hey, what is this "Cheaterz-R-Us" TRIVIA?

Usually the first 4 correct answering people get points, thus people copy.

And well, sometimes someone's answer is wrong, but is so doggone funny that it deserves a "creativity point", y'know.

Or, what if the person hosting the questions (me) happened to get brown-nosed and gave a "brownie point" to someone? Lots of laughing goes on.



The questions are NOT brainy like this:
"What was the name of the Italian cruise ship hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in October 1985?"
Answer: Achille Lauro.






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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Well this a bit unique relaxed

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


So far I can only get it to work in Zeta... 


From: EdGlaze


WOW, viewing the MYFORUMS page the left frame had all my promotions together — I've never seen more than 3 of anyone's promotions together before:

Growing militarization of U.S. police
discussion and the associated use of SWAT teams for routine law enforcement are a dangerous trend.
in Self Defense
Psychological test for gun ownership
discussion AMA has made it clear that they will do whatever necessary to prevent people from having guns
in Self Defense
Gun control and police defunding
discussion Wishful thinking, a disaster in the making, or a little of both?
in Self Defense
Sign language
discussion Tips for communicating with the hard-of-hearing.
in Self Defense
Tips for protesting (legally)
discussion Aspects to protests and public demonstrations to consider before taking to the streets.
...[Message truncated]
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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Hi Ed - did you just submit them? Mine come out clumped together when I write all 5 in a row.

It's Ed Glaze day!