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Possible to resurrect a forum?   Everything Else

Started May-14 by Jarrod Miller (GMFAN); 200 views.

I had a guy who hosted a couple forums just seemingly disappear a couple of weeks ago with no notice.

That apparently killed two forums I used to be subscribed to.

Are those forums forever gone, or is there a way to signup for a premium subscription and resurrect those?

(And if they could be resurrected, would every single post from that former host be lost forever since he apparently shut down his account?)



From: gunter


Closing an account does not remove messages unless the Host also deleted them. If the Host actually closed the forums they're gone for good and we would not resurrected them. Do you know this as a fact ... Forums also disappear from your list when you're locked out?

We can check more with a webtag or Host's name.

In reply toRe: msg 2

As other people have noticed the same thing, I'm sure the forums are gone, but it can't hurt to check.

The user is sanpurdue and the forums are Bowling Board/PC Games and APBA Bowling League.

The policy of not bringing back a forum seems rather ridiculous considering a lot of people's efforts, including my own, get automatically deleted simply because the host deletes the forum.

Using that same logic, someone could volunteer to take over a forum so that they could simply delete it a minute later and no one could do a thing about it.

Giving a warning to the members of the forum that the forum will be permanently deleted unless someone takes over as host seems far more reasonable.

Now there are threads, files and attachments that are completely gone simply because they were attached to those forums.

You can understand it doesn't make someone want to contribute anything here if they know it can be gone in a flash.



From: gunter


The account  is closed. I do understand your point but owners do have complete control of their forums, that has worked best since the beginning of Delphi Forums. If anyone is in personal  contact, that maybe a way to change minds.