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What's with creating a forum?   Control Center

Started 6/4/20 by Freebird (freebird35); 176 views.

Hey all. Say, I just tried to create a forum only to find out that I couldn't even get to the start page to explain what the forum is about. I have another forum up & I can get to all the controls N such, including my start page, should I decide to word it different. I keep all my forums in the old  mode & I'm a basic member. When I went to check my forums, I could only see my first forum showing & not the 2nd forum I just created. So what's up with that?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Are you sure the opening process completed? There's not really much to it but perhaps it hiccuped. I generally get both a PM alert and an email.

Can you get to is by replacing the webtag in your other forum's address with your new webtag?