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Creating an Access Controlled Folder - Instructions for Classic   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Sep-6 by Kid (Kidmagnet); 75 views.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


If you are already using all 16 of your forum's allotted folders you will need to reassign one as a "private" or access restricted folder.

Under the Controls tab click first on Forum Management and then Manage Folders

Once you are on that page either create a New Folder (add a Name) or choose one or more to repurpose.

**Tip - I usually add an asterisk or two to the folder title to denote it being private.

Under Read Access click Some Members and then Submit

Now to Grant Access to yourself and the other members.

Looking on the left click on Set Privileges

When that page loads you can either put the member name into the search field OR just scroll down without filling anything in and click on Search

This loads a list of all the visitors to your forum - You can see how many visits they've made, their first/last visit dates and any privileges or restrictions you have given them and becasue you have now created restricted folders there will be a column for Folders. Note that in this Screenshot I do not have access to my Private folder.

Click on the names of those you wish to grant access too and you will see that option at the bottom of their screen (you will need to do this for your own account as well)

Place a check in the box beside the folder(s) you wish to grant access to and click on Apply

You will need to do this (you the back arrow on your browser) for each member you want to give access to.