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Billing Issues   Everything Else

Started Sep-16 by Lana (KHOURIYA); 162 views.

From: Lana (KHOURIYA)


I changed my subscription in June 2020, to Extra.  Today it reverted to "Plus" and showed up as Inactive, losing my theme, etc.

Now what?


From: WaltHowe


You signed up for Extra, beginning with a month's free trial in 2 May. On 2 June, you were billed $19.95 for a year of Extra from PayPal. But in between, on 21 May, you upgraded your account to Plus. PayPal has no way of tracking the change, but Delphi applied the amount left of your $19.95 payment to your new Plus status. That kept your account open in Plus until 13 September when the paid for portion ran out.  If you want to continue on Plus, you will need cancel your Extra subscription in PayPal (or they will charge you again next May) and sign up again for Plus.

Alternatively, you can tell me the upgrade to Plus was a mistake, and I will restore you to Extra for the full year without further payment. But keep on mind that Extra does not have all the forum features of Plus, and your forum will not upgrade again as it did under Plus.

It is your choice which way to go.


From: Lana (KHOURIYA)


Oh wow, I have one brain cell working since my husband passed away.  The upgrade to Plus was a mistake, so I'd like to be restored to Extra, please.  I'm sorry for the extra work.

Thank you.