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Help - New Forum   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Dec-21 by SaraNGang (BlueDolphinz); 945 views.

I’m not seeing my forum or my messages, can someone help? Thanks!



From: gunter


It doesn't work that fast. Give it a day or two for your forum to show. It looks like you have it set up correctly.  Address is

Most forums like this one moderate first posts, future posts will go right through. 

let us know how it goes  ...


From: gunter


... also may want to add some messages to the board, that helps with the listing.

In reply toRe: msg 2

Thank you so much for explaining. I thought I had done something wrong lol. I don’t know anyone to invite to my forum so I am hoping it gets listed soon lol.



hi--you mentioned your forum when you visited mine. I visited it and found no messages or folders. I would be happy to write something in your forum, but it might be a good idea to set up a folder and put a "welcome message" or 
Message from the Host or something like that to get it started.
Otherwise people have nowhere to write.
krathyn from Serenity Island

I don't know how to create a folder. Can you explain it to me? Thanks for the suggestion!

oops! just went to your forum and found that you have already done that !  Nice forum, thanks! 
Will be around and visit more often!
Enjoy hosting a Delphi forum!

Yep just figured out how to do it. Thanks!

looks like you already did that! 
the folders are the categories you put the messages in...

you have them already...the first time I looked at your forum you didn't