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How do I get my forum back?   Administrative Issues

Started 7/31/21 by NoelBluesky (noelcielo7); 806 views.

I am happy to see a few nicknames that are familiar.
I was the forum hostess for Stand for Something. which I think I opened in 1998, under this nickname: A_Seagoddess This was my original login name. I think my email was, and maybe a backup email through hotmail. I remember my original password as well.  Care2 stopped hosting email on their platform, so when I came to re-activate my account, somehow I was assigned this new membership/nick, and it NEVER recognizes my password, so I have to ask for a new one every time. I just upgraded, hoping it would solve some of these glitches, but didn't realize, that I am not the host of my own forum! I have tons of poetry posted in S4S, I would like access to it, and would like to revisit the other posts throughout the years, especially from some who have passed away.

The forum has been inactive, except for occasional visitors, for years, but once was very active. I had a serious health crisis, for years, and couldn't keep it going. What can I do?. It appears I still cannot search posts even with the upgrade. I don't know if I will get a chat going again, but I am in contact with several of the original members. Recently a beloved member passed away, and my members were asking about a reunion/memorial chat. It would be nice to be able to do this.

Mahalo, Noel

CC to gunter

From: gunter


Your DelphiPlus options should work after logging out and then logging in again.

I see you signed up using facebook for this new account and you need to use that login everytime.

We can transfer your forums to this new account or if you prefer get you back into A_Seagoddess. Email if you want the old account.

good to see you back ... let us know how it goes ...

In reply toRe: msg 2
gunter said:

Thank you so much  for the welcome back Gunter. Yes, I think I would like my old account. Will I be able to make a new password. Do you know what is weird> When I click on A_seagoddess profile, it brings me to this new one. Also, I have no controls with this account, even though it says I am a plus member. That is probably because I {seagoddess) didn't give me (Noelbluesky) access! smirk lol Once this gets straightened out, will I be able to go back and read posts from the very beginning? I'm falling asleep here if not making sense? So you want me to email this?

Thank you in advance, and I hope all is well with you. The world has really changed in the last 21 years. Be well, Keep Hope Alive



From: gunter


Emailing service will confirm your address. We'll switch your email address to A_seagoddess, then you can ask for a new password for that account via the I Forgot link on the login page. 

First turn off Renewal on this account on MyForums so you wont be charged. 

Then log in and sign up with A_seagoddess, and you'll see the DelphiPlus options after logging out and back in again. Forums will catch up the following day.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


NoelBluesky (noelcielo7) said:

will I be able to go back and read posts from the very beginning?

I've been trying and had better success going the long way about it.

I found (I think) the first Delphi account you used to open the forum by scrolling and clicking on Next 50 link for the "Whatevah" folder. But I cannot use Advanced search to look for posts from it.

In (I think) 2013...? Delphi indexed older posts so using Advanced can some times result in no returns but hunting and pecking shows the posts are indeed there. It's also why we do not get full profile information on the names in older posts.

However from all the older forums I have hunted on - the messages are still there. If you do have trouble finding things post back to me and I can give you tips (gunter and walt can too as well as other hosts who read here!) or if you need me to help I can I just might not be a speedy at replies right now (family stuff)

Thank you for answering so long ago, I was cleaning out my mailbox when I came across it. Yes my original log in was with At some point years ago Care2 quit having email support. Unfortunately I was going through a major health crisis, and never got any warning that they had closed down. I had a hotmail account as well. I think my original log in name was A_Seagoddess, but now it seems Delphi has assigned me a name noelcielo7 ??? Have NO idea where that came from. I have been paying quarterly, but not yet had access to ALL of the posts. There are many poems, and other writings there that I would like to retrieve, because this is the only place they are. As yet, I cannot. I think I remember my original password at that time. I believe I started my forum sometime between 1998 to 2000. My forum was vibrant and active, and still in touch with friends I made here.

Please and thank you ANYONE for your help.  Noel


From: WaltHowe


Your old email address for a_seagoddess was changed by Gunter back in 2021 to a address, probably at your request. The noelcielo7 account is a completely different account and will not have the same accesses to older posts. That account does not have an active email address now at all. Write to for more help with this. We do not want to discuss email addresses and passwords in an open forum. If you know the gmail address and you are still using it. you should be able to send for a new password.