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How to show archived folders   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Aug-25 by Brian (BrianB125); 2462 views.

Hello Kidmagnet,

I am the owner of an ancient forum here. I've decided to try to kickstart it again as an option to our Facebook group. So, I was digging in the archived folder and see several old folders I must have archived years ago. Some show a small number of messages left in there. Many older threads had been pruned years ago. Can someone look in and see if those folders still exist or are they ghost data?

I even created a new folder, but it does not show up when I click on "manage discussion" and attempt to move a discussion to a different folder. I only get two choices there. Do I need to be a Plus member again to have that option?



From: gunter


This is in

Manage Folders in Controls on the bottom has  . I've checked that and all folders show on the board.  Does that fix things for you now?

Unfortunately, I can see these folders exist, but cannot access the content:

  • Archived Folder 2 (6 messages)
  • Archived Folder 3 (2 messages)
  • Archived Folder 4 (1 message)
  • Archived Folder 5 (1 message)
  • Archived Folder 6 (1 message)
  • Racial Classifications (111 messages)

When attempting to move a discussion from one folder to another, only two options show on the drop-down: "General Discussion" and "Interracial Relationships". That's weird because I created "Racial Classifications" as a folder last night and moved several discussions to that folder. It is now hidden too.

The folders in the bullet points above are all hidden for some reason. I know where to go to see the list of folders. I just can't open them up. Do I need to be a DelphiPlus member to show more than 2 folders now?

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


Do  those folders have fully acces or access to some members? If they have restricted access you need to give yourself access


From: gunter


 Folders look to be set access to all and membership shouldn't make a difference.

Very strange. The forum is set to Zeta and  I see all folders and they show for moving. When I switch the forum to Classic it works the way you describe.

Are you a set to view Zeta as Classic in your Preferences?  Turn that off, let us know if it makes  a difference.

Unfortunately, I cannot move a discussion to any other folder than "General Discussions" and "Interracial Relationships" in either of the views.

I looked under "My Preferences" and I was not set to "View Zeta as Classic". So, I changed it to that, updated it. Then I changed it back to unchecked for that option. Nothing changed.

I logged in to DelphiForums on a different PC. Something is weird in the back end for sure.

I'm using Edge. Is that a possible issue?


From: Kidmagnet


I can't check your forum in Classic as you seem to have it set in Zeta to not allow Classic view?

Can you check the box that will allow it?



Also while in Zeta controls navigate to Manage Folders and scroll down until you see the two options I have circled. Place a check in the boxes as I have done and then click update under each option.

I suspect your Archived Folders are showing numbers for unseen discussions. This is a side effect of moving/deleting discussions.

If you are reactivating your forum consider opening a new one and starting fresh. You can still keep this one as well, but you might encounter fewer problems going forward with a clean slate.

I've checked the box to allow view as classic.

View by folder was already checked.

Under Folder Header View, I get this message:

This feature is available in Premium Forums only. 

I can't access that feature.


From: Kidmagnet


gunter said...

The forum is set to Zeta and  I see all folders and they show for moving.

Do you still see them that way? I only see the "General Discussion" and "Interracial Relationships" folders no matter which way I view the forum.


From: Kidmagnet


jlandrith (JLANDRITHJR) said:

Under Folder Header View, I get this message: This feature is available in Premium Forums only. I can't access that feature.

Oh! Well that's a bit silly of Delphi!

So I do only see those two folders you mentioned ( "General Discussion" and "Interracial Relationships") in both Classic and Zeta... The new folder you opened recently was a completely new folder? Not a repurposed one?

The archived folders - were they private when you last actively hosted the forum? Delphi has a built in way to preserve private folders/forums when a host's account drops to Basic... that might be at play here now.