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folder foibles   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Oct-17 by victor was right (KFinspector); 293 views.

when i click on one of my folders to see the message i just put there, ANOTHER folder opens instead.  it can take a few clicks on the folder i want before it opens. 

this doesn't happen ALL the time but seems to be happening more often.


earlier today, yes.

i'll see if it's still going on, it started a few days ago.


From: Kidmagnet


It's working ok for me. If it is not for you still it might be a funky shortcut? Do you access Delphi through a saved link (bookmark/favorite/shortcut...?)

Something to try.... close any tabs with Delphi on them. Now close your whole browser and then reopen it. Open a new tab and type into the address bar and log in from the Home Page. Use the My Forums page to navigate to your forum and see if this is a still a problem.