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Forum Not Listed   Chat

Started Apr-22 by Revolution OG (revolutionog); 304 views.

For the past few days, my forum has not been listed on the list of chatrooms. I've changed the setting to listed but each day its been changed back to being unlisted. Today I am unable to change the setting to listed at all so my room does not appear on the list no matter how many times I try to change the setting.

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I was able to change the setting to listed once I filled in a topic and welcome message for the room.


From: gunter


I take it that fixed the problem? Someone or a bot needs to be in the room for it to show in the chat listing on our frontpage.

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Yes, I got it fixed. I had a bot in the room and I was physically in the room but it  wouldn't update to listed even with someone in the room. It updated when I added a topic and welcome message.