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The moderation queue... Help please   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Aug-18 by Laura (LJOHNS); 200 views.
Laura (LJOHNS)

From: Laura (LJOHNS)


Hi gunter,

I can not release messages from the mod queue.   Someone cut and pasted a post that has covered the submit button and I can't edit it or deny it or release it.   Nor can I release any messages.   Thanks for your help in advance.   The webtag is:  bully


From: Kidmagnet


Are you using Windows?

If so go to the very top of your screen where it says FILE EDIT VIEW etc and click on View. then click on Page Style lastly click No Style. You can scroll until you see the buttons you need to remove the message. Do not release it with that pasted stuff in and remind your members that a LINK is better than Copy Paste.

Go back the same way (View, Page Style) and Choose Basic style.

Let us know if that works (or more importantly - if it does not!)

Laura (LJOHNS)

From: Laura (LJOHNS)


It worked itself out.    A couple new posters messages went to the queue and it bumped up the problem post.    I have saved your suggestion in case it ever happens again.   Thanks so much, Kidmagnet!