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Old version of delphi chat   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Oct-29 by greenie225; 231 views.

From: greenie225


Hi Gunter!

I have a very small private chat room, and we have never upgraded.  I'm sure we're running an ancient version.  One of my members e-mailed me to say she couldn't get into the room.  It's telling her she is not a "member of this private forum."  It's asking for a group registration code.

I am not that tech savvy, which is why we have not upgraded since 2007, I think.

I can't figure out how to fix this problem.  I'm also seeing some weird info when I am in the group -- a line above the messages telling people to display their ad there.  ??

I have had several occasions to change my credit card number lately.  I know Delphi had it bounce.  I thought I had fixed that.  Is this the problem?  I can't get into my controls on the forum.

Thanks in advance.  I know you can help me.

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From: greenie225


The room looks different -- somebody moved the furniture...

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From: greenie225


It seems to have happened on October 27.   I updated my credit card information incorrectly last time -- egad.  I think I fixed it, but it may just take time for Delphi to catch up to my mistake?  Does that even make sense?


From: gunter


You dropped off DelphiPlus and didn't supply new charging info in time. I've put you back on the Charter rate, the system will try charging again with the new info you supplied. 

Your private forum will return to premium and allow access again in the morning.

let us know how it goes  ...

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From: greenie225


Yes, one of my gals let me know through email that she can get in again.  I'll go and explore a bit.

I had troubles with customer service (disservice?) on my credit card.  They would only send a new card and a new number rather than resolving a dispute.  So I forgot after fighting with them that I needed to update a few things.

Oy!  Thanks for your help.  It looks good.  I'll check back if we have any other problems because of this.  You are appreciated!

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From: greenie225


The room is active again.  Can't believe I messed up the changing of the guard.

Will have to check my controls and see if they're there.  I have made all of the members moderators.  Nobody is really in charge over there.  But there are only 4 of us, so we don't squabble.  :3

I think that's the right term -- I like the old forum.  I have trouble navigating here, but would learn how if I needed to upgrade for some reason.

I am just an old luddite.  :-0