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change forum ownership to new nick   Administrative Issues

Started 12/5/22 by Stormie_Lily (stormchild1); 1742 views.

hi gunter

hope ok to post right to you as your one that use to help me when i was on Delphi before at time why asking as this account basic  and forum basic right now i not upgrading this account due to i not use it but use my new one i had since i came back to delphi

this is my old account i have a new account  want to have the one old forum i own transferred to  my new nick as i not using this one anymore only check it very little to see if any DMs to me my new account nick is child9flight i thought i posted here but can  not find the message the  forum i trying to  change over to new nick is Poetry & Creative Expressions it mostly been unused due to i not been on delphi much only came back more in last few months   i decided today to ungrade other account to delhpiplus  as been coming on more again and been asked by another member for help in her forum so like to regain my old forum again with my new nick i using now  thank you


From: gunter


I've transferred the forum to Child0fLight ... is that the right name?  I do see yo signed up for DelphiPlus, you're on a month's free membership now before you get charged.

The forum will update in the morning and all the premium DelphiPlus options will show then.

let us know how it goes ...

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ok  that right nick but it still showing the host as being stormchild1 one  one my favorites  in this nick so not sure why i not been on until now as i been way busy with offline christmas stuff today i have MRIs on my back  i keep checking see if it get changed over too

thank you  lily

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From: Child0fLight


ok it just changed over as the first time I logged in under childoflight nick  it did not show now  it is thank you so much



From: gunter


good to hear  ...

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I have been a long-time member of the Delphi Forum.  Due to my age, I would like transfer ownership to another member.  I am going to continue as a member.  But I don't how to transfer ownership.  The name of the person I would like to transfer ownership to Is Jo Aguirre. Her Delphi name is joaguirre210.  Could you tell me to do it?

Thank you in advance.

Larry George  (LARRYGEORGE1)  Enid High School


From: gunter


It takes a DelphiPlus Host to be able to transfer. Which forum is this, I'll do it for you.

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The Delphi Forum I want to change ownership on is "Enid High School".  Her name Is Jo Aguirre and her screen name is joaguirre210.  If Jo doesn't have right credentials, what does she need to get them?

Larry George (LARRYGEORGE1) Enid High School


From: gunter


You had to be on DelphiPlus to make the change.

It's done now, joaguirre210 is the new Host. May need to log out/back in to see the change.

She can make you Assistant as needed with full Controls when forums update tomorrow morning.

let us know how it goes ...

  • Edited March 18, 2023 4:02 pm  by  gunter

From: Notaclone316


Hi Gunter,

I am interested in becoming the host of Jesus' Place, as our host Brenda (BG311) has recently passed.  How do I go about this?  I will get the membership needed to do this (the $49/year?).  What do I do after that?  I am currently listed as an admin (Maggie).

Thank you for your help.