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Posts are not showing up?   Message Board

Started Mar-28 by Raven (Chatlee6668); 190 views.
Raven (Chatlee6668)

From: Raven (Chatlee6668)


I got a new computer, and Delphi did not seem to recognize my old member name (Raven2018) or any of my old information so I opened a new account (Chatlee6668) a few days ago, and i have been making posts on The Opinion Forum, but I can't seem to find any of the posts. I contacted Polter by PM, and he has not responded to me. HELP! TIA!


From: gunter


Your new name does not have Voice in the forum ... staff there needs to catch up with any posts in moderation.

Did you ask for a new password for Raven2018, as long as you have access to the email address on record that should work.  If needed you can email for help getting back into that account.

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Raven (Chatlee6668)

From: Raven (Chatlee6668)


Thanks, Gunter, for the information and the suggestions.