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Started 10/22/17 by Dale (Rainbow1956); 2656 views.
Dale (Rainbow1956)

From: Dale (Rainbow1956)


I was not aware she had posted here, lol.  But that is cool.  She is a Wizard in there so she needs to get familiar with ya'll and the in and outs.  She did say she liked your response and you seemed well versed when I told her about the help you gave in the very early morning hours on the private folder.

Everyone here is awesome with helping hosts and members out, best site online in my opinion.

Dale (Rainbow1956)

From: Dale (Rainbow1956)


That has been my experience as well.  I have been here since 2004 and have always gotten good support....quick responses, and actually taking the time to resolve issues.  In the past Gunter has been a tremendous help!  At one time I had the top chat in Spirituality...but time became less for the forum as job situations changed and such.  But back in the day, on my other forum that I have, and the previous version of it, Gunter was always there when I needed help, lol.

Gunter is awesome....! no argument here!

Good luck with your new forum :)