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Threads Disappearing   Message Board

Started 4/23/18 by Asst. Mgr. (JEANNE2079); 1605 views.

From: Cstar1


Asst. Mgr. (JEANNE2079) said:

The folder now titled Edison/Raritan Township was originally titled Edison History.  We did not delete the folder yet when the name was changed, access to all messages, at least as far back as 2010 (to my recollection) are no longer visible.  That must be a glitch in Delphi.  Needless to say, we are upset that something we wanted to save and eventually promote is not available to us.

Checking with engineering. 

There are some recent posts moved to the folder from other folders.  They are not any of the missing posts.


Thank you for you time.


From: Cstar1


I checked with engineering on this. There are currently 20 discussions showing for a total of 1403 messages, some going back as far as 2005. There was one long thread of over 1000 messages that you deleted on 4/24. There were 11 threads that were deleted years ago. Other than the deleted threads, there don't appear to be any messages missing. 

Neil 68 (hendr79246)

From: Neil 68 (hendr79246)


Hi Cstar,

I'm the site wizard of the EHS site.  Jeanne has been diligently working to solve multiple problems that we're experiencing. It seems all the message thread transfer/indexing problems have been resolved but there is one remaining problem that still has us puzzled. That problem is missing messages/posts. There is more than one folder on our site that is experiencing this problem but the folder on which we're focusing is the Edison/Raritan Township folder. First I will give you a brief history of this folder and then list the specifics of the problem.

Originally, this folder was entitled Boy Scout Troop 12. I don't know the number of messages that were posted in that folder but my guess is that it was in the hundreds. The folder didn't have much participation so a few years ago we deleted most, if not all, the message threads in that folder. We then renamed it Edison History. Additional messages were posted to the Edison History folder but over the last year or so there was little to no participation in that folder. Therefore, we decided to change the name of the folder to Edison/Raritan Township. The name change allowed us to move message threads about Edison/Raritan Township from other folders to that folder. I attempted to move an old message thread to the Edison/Raritan Township folder but it didn't appear in that folder for over a day. That message thread can now be seen in the Edison/Raritan Township folder and we are no longer experiencing problems moving message threads from one folder to another.

Now, here is the remaining problem that we're experiencing:

As of April 27, the Edison/Raritan Township folder shows a total message count of 2,425 messages. Each individual message thread within that folder shows the number of messages that are in that particular thread. When I add the number of messages listed in each message thread it totals 1,467. That's a discrepancy of 958 messages between the message count the folder lists and the total number of messages that each message thread lists. Assuming I have a clear concept of message counts, the message count of a folder should equal the total message count of all the message threads that are in a folder. Again, there is a discrepancy of 958 between those two counts. Jeanne and myself wish to learn why that discrepancy exists. Is it because there are 958 messages that are located in one or more message threads that don't appear in the Edison/Raritan Township folder?  Could the history of the Edison/Raritan Township folder have anything to do with the problem?  I ask that question because I'm thinking there may be remnants of message threads from the Boy Scout Troop 12 era that were never fully deleted by the Delphi software.

Your help is greatly appreciated. I will also get back to you about the message thread that contained 1,000 messages that you claim was deleted on April 24.  I did not delete any threads on that date. I deleted many threads in an old, unused folder that was labeled CHAT but that was around April 20. I will alert Jeanne to your statement to see if she deleted that large message thread.