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Zeta Chat Updates   Delphi Forums Announcements

Started 11/29/17 by Cstar1; 412 views.

From: Cstar1


Good morning! 

We've made some updates to Zeta chat this morning that we wanted to let you know about. 

  • The chat layout is slightly changed:  the settings/help buttons have been moved to the top and the emoji button has been moved to the right. This provides more room in the chat window and in the who/pm column.  
  • The chat "host icons" have been replaced with more modern "fun" images. 
  • The "Chat Center" (sidebar widget) has been updated so that it shows rooms and room participants in real time.   The "Use Java chat applet" checkbox option no longer shows on browsers that don't have java installed.
  • The control center chat pages have been updated. They have also been rearranged so that the settings are on one page and the room-management on a second. The "Manage Rooms" page will not show if chat is disabled in the forum.
  • There's a new option to include a "Chat Rooms" section in the left-hand navigation (or slide-out menu on mobile) in the forum. You have your choice to include it above or below the Discussions section.

Click on Chat Rooms, and all of your chat rooms will show, as well as how many people are in each.


Changes made to the chat window will be apparent regardless of whether your forum is Zeta or Classic. Changes that affect the forum (like the new "Chat Rooms" section") are only available in Zeta forums.