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former A can't get rid of status in chat   Chat

Started 2/8/19 by Kookiekittiesmom (Phantom7031); 1733 views.

From: Cstar1


krathyn1 (Phantom7031) said:


Do you know if she still has moderator capabilities, regardless of the image?

The image should no longer appear, but if it does the next time she enters chat, try removing her privileges from within the chat room. Click on her name on the roster, and remove her moderator status. 

Let us know if this persists, we obviously don't want people retaining moderator abilities or icons once they've been removed. 

In reply toRe: msg 5

i went back and looked at the privilege change log. It was not recorded that i had removed any of her flag privileges. I went back to her set privileges, briefly clicked them all on and removed them, including voice, and waited 20 min. I went back and the privilege change log showed "Removed all flag privileges."  I put Voice back and that is already showing in the change log.

If it still shows in Chat I will do exactly what you described  in Chat. 

Thank you.

In reply toRe: msg 5

Her privilege was removed during chat  but the pesky crown is still there. The privilege change log says she has had all flag privileges removed and then voice reinstated. 
Her mini profile in the Set Privileges area shows she is not an Assistant, Editor or Chat Mod all of which she was until Jan 31.
The privilege change log did not show she was without those until this morning.

Do you recall how you accessed her set privilege screen originally? I've had problems granting voice (this was well over a year ago) from my moderation area in Controls, but it only happened twice and I could not repeat the problem. I think Delphi would like to make sure this was a goof and not some bug, so if you can recall that would be helpful.

i have always gone to Set Privileges in Controls, and gotten her name out of the list of people that came to the forum, and clicked  on it and then clicked on her little mini profile that comes up.
Today is the first time I checked the Privilege Change Log... It seems confused it looks like i gave her privileges I was trying to take away between 1/31 and present.

This mornings "removed all flag privileges" is correct. For a couple hours i even removed Voice so as to remove all Flag privileges.
(Is there  such a thing as a Permanent Mod? lol)

Ha - yes but only Delphi employees get that status.

Cstar can take a look at your log - they are worded oddly conversationally speaking ;)

Thanks for your speedy reply!

Oh, one thing you can try and it might remove all traces is to delete her (but not her messages) from the forum. That's a bit of a "clean slate" option. It will wipe out her first visit date and treat her like a brand new member to your forum though. It's on her Set Privilege screen at the bottom. You have to check it and Confirm. Maybe wait though in case Cstar wants to take a look at her wonkiness first.

i think i will wait on trying to delete her. 

i have seen that. 

oh i can answer my posts when i am here, but they might sit all night otherwise.


krathyn1 (Phantom7031) said:

oh i can answer my posts when i am here, but they might sit all night otherwise.

I don't understand?

i was able to answer your other post quickly because i was on Delphi at the time. I have since had to sleep and do many other things before answering this one so it  "sat there all night"

OH! lol Sorry, and no worries about when you reply!