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Copyright rules   Basic Help for Hosts

Started by Leah (muppetmel1); 823 views.
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This is from TOS

You maintain a copyright on any copyrighted original material you post, to the extent allowed by law. The reposting of a message on a different forum on Delphi Forums without permission of the author is prohibited, except that official Delphi Forums staff announcements posted in support forums may be reposted in other forums.

So harassing or not, if I were the author I'd complain. Get permission and it's no problem.


From: RCBZ


This is from TOS as well:

>>That's essentially correct as far as copyright rules are concerned. But we may also consider whether the purpose of the quote was to ridicule or demean the author. If that is the purpose, don't do it!<<

Like I told Walt, it's a shadowy area has basically said this same thing years ago when I brought this up. I was just seeing if it was still the rule. Typically I'll just paraphrase the post and provide a link to avoid hassles, However I've had mods tell me even that was a TOS violation...just wanted a little clarification.


BTW...wasn't there a forum to see who the oldest poster on Delphi is? I know it's not me by a longshot, I posted to someone here who was from 1984 I think

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From: WaltHowe


My current account goes back to 1984. I had an earlier account in 1983. My user number is 526, but I'm not the earliest.
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There is a link to TOS at the bottom of every page on Delphi.

From: RCBZ


That's a long time!!