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Getting Started with Live Stories   Premium Forums

Started 8/18/15 by Cstar1; 2559 views.
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From: Cstar1


Once a Live Story has run its course, you'll close the story in your Live Story Console. 

Choose the file save icon.

When you close the story, comments are closed, and the entire story flips chronologically, so the oldest entry will be first, just like regular forum threads. The now-archived story will continue to be available in your Story folder, as long as you've selected that option in your Control Center.

A new thread is created to give you the opportunity to continue the conversation, with a link to the Story, which is now in an archived state. Click on the "View Article" link to see it.

If it's not a thread you're planning on continuing, send it to your Staff Folder, or simply delete it once it's posted.

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Janet Wickell (janma)

From: Janet Wickell (janma)


My console doesn 't display any way to edit a story. I entered a test thinking I'd take it down rather quickly, but now I cannot. It remains visible even though I've also unchecked the option for live stories.

Click on the Story on your forum (not in controls) and look for the pencil icon in the upper right. That will pull it up in the editor and you can delete from there (at the bottom)

Does that work?

Janet Wickell (janma)

From: Janet Wickell (janma)


Kid (Kidmagnet) said:

Click on the Story on your forum (not in controls) and look for the pencil icon in the upper right. That will pull it up in the editor and you can delete from there (at the bottom) Does that work?

Thank you for the response. There's no pencil icon.

There's an icon for share, promote, a third that goes to the console.

Hey great forum and you have lots of social media connections! You should be using the live stories lol.

Did you post the test story from the forum? You should go through the Console in controls and enter your twitter account info. Then start your first Live Story that way. Add relevant hashtags to the incoming queue field. 


Nice feedback thread here @Cstar1 for those that have worked hard on Zeta the past year and a whatever

ok when you are in the console look on the right there are 5 icons. Click the settings one on the far right. Change Active to Disable and move it to your staff folder.


Does that work?

Janet Wickell (janma)

From: Janet Wickell (janma)


I connected it to Twitter to see if that might kick in the edit or delete options. It didn't so I removed the Twitter connection.

I went through the Console in controls to post the test. I've reset the Stories area to not be live but it's still visible (to me and to others). It seems like the post is simply missing the edit areas that should be there.

Perhaps the solution is to post another story in hopes that the first will go away.

We just started using the forum again after many years 'away' as an alternative for a forum that will be deleted in a week or so. People love the look.

Janet Wickell (janma)

From: Janet Wickell (janma)


Yes, your suggestion about the five icons worked.

I've looked at those all afternoon and not sure how I missed that!

Thank you.

No worries! I actually am learning along with everyone else lol

Because I do not (currently...? ) have a Twitter account and because I cannot leave well enough alone, I created a Live Story that only consists of article links



From: Cstar1


Hi Janet - welcome back to Delphi!

Live Stories is a brand new feature on Delphi. It's meant for featuring short-term live stories like breaking news, guest chats on Twitter, etc.

There are a couple of ways to edit a Live Story:

From the console, you can delete a tweet or item that's been posted by clicking on the X in the lower left hand corner. 

The only items you can actually edit, are ones where you've made a comment in addition to the tweet or article. That's when the pencil icon will appear. See this post.

If you need to delete an item in a closed story for any reason, you can Edit it after it's closed by clicking on the Story title, then on the Edit button.

You can also delete the entire Story by using the Delete button at the bottom of the Edit screen.

If you still have any questions about Live Stories, please be sure to ask.