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Mobile phone question...   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 1/2/16 by The Zookeeper (B0UNTYMAN); 4580 views.

OMG I'm Google-ble!!! Fame!! Fortune is just around the corner!!! Right?

General picture taking advice.

The best way to take a photo or video with an iPhone is by holding your phone in landscape with the flash oriented at the top, shutter button on the right. Lefties can use the volume buttons which should be on the bottom.

With Delphi it is imperative that you use landscape. Facebook and other sites will reorient portrait shots but Delphi posts them sideways.

I don't know about Android, maybe someone else will chime in.

You can try editing previous images with image editing software to landscape but there are no guarantees as it's the embed data that dictates how it will look. Hence my quickie fix with taking a new picture of the picture. 

**** Note I mentioned video because that is the proper way to shoot video, not because you can embed video directly from a phone to a Delphi Post.

Also you can repost any of my information you find useful. 

Updating this to say - I have taken screenshots of wrongly-oriented images and they post just fine. I just delete them from my iPhone after.

That's because Apple can make the correction while viewing on your device but it is not changing the meta file or whatever it is called.

Oh it is the EXIF data not meta tags - I'm not actually smart just slightly famous apparently .

Some geek talk whys

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


Delphi is very The problem is with androids on our forum. Maybe I phones too, I don't know. I took a picture in portrait and it posted upright just fine. But others are having issues. Maybe it's how they are holding it I don't know. After I posted your helpful stuff only one guy said a word. So I posted anther thread and told them I was looking for feedback, Did it work? Any problems? Anyone care? AM I wasting my time? is Kid wasting her time. So in a few minutes I had 18 posts of It's working for everyone, but some are having the sideways issue. I didn't. I didn't try it in landscape orientation, not sure what they were doing. I think most are just turning their heads to look at the Thanks

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


I will read that. Lots to read..thanks again Kid.

I think it is mostly iPhones. Tell the guys to hold their phones just as I described in my previous post. Like a camera lol. 

My time is never wasted- I write tutorials for those who feel uncomfortable asking for help. So no worries there. 

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


Nah it's androids, the only guy with an Iphone, his pics show up right. Must be a mysterious strange occurrence.

It's probably the same reason.

Crow (crowhaven200) said:

the only guy with an Iphone, his pics show up right.

That's cause we're smarter  lol lol lol Just kidding.

If they want some photos edited correctly let me know and I'll barge in, swipe them off their posts and fix them up. Otherwise it sounds like the Zeta default for mobile is working out well. I am glad Delphi finally made it the default for moble, I think once people get the hang of it they will have a lot of fun.

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


Thanks, that iPhone was a 4s, the 6+ I have now has not done that so it is possoble it got fixed. That was a video, too. Most still pics turn out fine when uploaded. Maybe the 7 or 8 will have a better camera. The 6 has never impressed me like my 4 for cmos quality.

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


It's not a big deal. I leave some as they are, and some I edit myself with photoshop, if it's an important pic. Most of them are so small us old people can't see them But I have been asking them what phone's are working or not. So far they are all working. And just about everyone is using Android. Except for one fellow. He had all kinds of problems with using his Iphone. he frequented MS a lot trying to get the problems fixed. Staff is familiar with him I am sure. He is happy it now works without autscrolling. And now he can post pics when he couldn't before, or he never figured out how.  You smarter Apple owners are a different breed I will say