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Redirect to   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 3/15/17 by Knotpicky (RUTA); 31742 views.

From: gunter


I do see that happening and I've asked tech to take a look.

thanks for the details ...

All outside links are run through viglink - it's been like that for ages.


From: gunter


But they don't redirect to a shopping site?

Usually they were product related but the message after clicking on that link is

At VigLink, we empower content creators to connect enthusiastic consumers with products written about in the publisher's content. The publisher whose site you left gives VigLink the ability to identify the same product across various merchants and bring you to this destination. VigLink shopping allows you to choose where you want to shop, and ensures you're getting the best possible price.

So it seems that one anyway is more general.


From: Glen (GEAATL)


I've seen that a couple times, and when I have a common denominator seems to be that I used a link for the news article that came in email rather than from the main site (like a newspaper's mail).  Those links often are lengthy and have ad coding built in (if you play with them there often is the regular link, then a question mark, then some code which tends to be ad related or tracking related, and if I'm careful I can edit it down to a shorter working link to the article.  I'm guessing viglink interacts with some of the ad links.

It's way too much playing with html for me to do it often or test it, and I've learned to not do too much posting of material that arrives via email to not inadvertently add strange links in posts.


From: gunter


noted, thanks ...

Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


It seems to happen only with NYT links. Others go through fine. The latest, from a post in Meta today.

The plain link to the article:

The link from source code, which includes the referrer:

The redirected link to the shopping page (from right-click and copy link):

The problem is that I can't see any way to get to the NYT article from the Viglink shopping page. I do have an ad blocker and a tracking blocker active, and I use Firefox on an iMac. I think the redirect problem is at Delphi rather than at the NYT.


From: Cstar1


What happens if you turn off your ad blocker?

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


The Nyt has their page set to feature the viglinks ad when you are connecting from a third party.  If you google nyt you don't get the viglink ad page but if you go there from a link from a 3rd party then you do.  I have this happen when reading a CNN article or Reuters that have a link to the original NYT article.