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Started 3/15/17 by Knotpicky (RUTA); 31653 views.
In reply toRe: msg 8

From: EdGlaze


An option to bypass the vigilinks is to paste the excerpt in Source mode rather than HTML so the links are not transferred — some additional HTML editing may be required to indicate paragraph breaks <P> and </P>.

It is a good idea to preview an excerpt's underlying HTML after copying text and before posting.


From: Glen (GEAATL)


Who's on first? (Kidmagnet) said...

Glen (GEAATL) said:

with the risk of copyright violation (how much copying goes beyond fair use?)

The snippits are part of the sites Share features.

Important legal point - the fact a site has a share feature doesn't mean everything can be shared everywhere (an interesting legal question is the share feature often allows things that the site's own terms of use prohibit, and seeing how a court ultimately sorts that out will be interesting).   Forwarding the item in email maybe legally different than sharing that same snippet in a forum.  (It's still a murky area of evolving law).    And there do remain distinctions between text, graphics, photos, charts, analysis, etc as you read the case law.   It's probably safe, but a careful forum host may not want to assume legal risks.    


From: Glen (GEAATL)


EdGlaze said...

It is a good idea to preview an excerpt's underlying HTML after copying text and before posting.

I've learned that lesson the hard way, and have learned that when I get in a rush and don't, I'm very likely to be fixing a post later.

That does not bypass the Delphi viglinks program but it certainly will strip the message of extraneous HTML.

I know if I follow links in certain newsletters from my email to the webpage the address bar contains a lot more than the article's basic address. 

So pasting it in plain and adding the link via whatever is in the address bar might recreate the same problem. 

I have to actually go to the site with my browser and search for the story before Sharing.  

I recommend using a website's Share features over copying and pasting directly. 

We are drifting from the original issue before the poor forum owner comes in lol. 


From: EdGlaze


Usually Vigilinks are not a specific link included by the source author but are product links added later, thus it doesn't matter if they don't transfer when posting in Source mode.

I've never noticed any Vigilinks originating from Delphiforums, only from other sources, usually the second-hand repostings of an article where the links were not in the original news source.

It's happening here too

At first clicking on the links in that thread (there are three) took me to the proper pages but after a second time they go to the viglink page. The embedded address is regular. I switch my view of that Classic forum to Zeta and the links lead where they should.

Lets try this too

AHA! (boy, I like saying that) The links work fine (for me, in Firefox and Chrome) with Zeta but when I change my viewing preference to Classic they do not.



From: gunter


I'll pass it on to tech, thanks.

Is this fixable? How'd I not come up with a work around? lol