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Question about bots.   Chat

Started 3/19/17 by Kenny (HosemanMS); 721 views.
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Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


Oh, ok.... Thank you, gunter.

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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Can we pay for the bot and then give it a Delphi Extra account? Or do we need Delphi Extra to get a new Delphi Extra account for the bot?


From: gunter


There is no extra payment for the bots we supply, they are an option of forums hosted by DelphiPlus members. No need to have a separate DelphiExtra account for each bot unless supplied by a third-party, that will continue to work as before.

The bots need to be set up in Zeta, they will run in Classic after that. Since DelphiPlus Hosts can have any number of rooms, if you like you could have your regular room and other rooms running bots at the same time.

give it a try and let us know how it goes ...

  • Edited February 10, 2018 9:25 pm  by  gunter