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Problem Accessing Delphi Forums   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 9/24/17 by BG311; 1368 views.

From: gunter


OK, it looks like he's trying to log in with the wrong name. He can also log in with his email address instead of the name, the two are interchangeable on login. 

If he has been asking for a password using a different name, it would go to the wrong address. When asking for a new password, he can put in the email address you mentioned in your email to me for the password to be sent to him.

He can also get help by emailing

  • Edited October 26, 2017 9:30 am  by  gunter
In reply toRe: msg 6


I told him to email "service" and to use the email attached to his Delphi account.  I even spelled it all out with both his and Delphi's emails.  ??.  

I will suggest he try requesting a password with his email address.