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Live Stories    Basic Help for Hosts

Started 10/9/17 by Ann (msana); 7957 views.

OK please bear with me for a bit...

When you click on the icon this should pop up, does it?

I cannot get the same screen as you do (Add Photo, Image or Link) EDITING TO ADD - yes I do, sorry!

  If a Twitter account must be activated on the forum I'd be happy to do that with mine. You'd not need to use it, but if it kick starts stuff it's a something to consider. Lets see what @Cstar1 says.

Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


Yes, it allows me to upload, so there are images in my image gallery.

The problem is the error message I receive.

Indeed! Can you add any photos from your gallery? You can try one and delete it after if it is not relevant (without deleting the whole story) Great story idea by the way.

Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


When I try to add a picture, from my gallery I get the error message.

OK sorry about this Ann, we''ll need Cstar to take another and get tech involved. I really liked your ideas for stories so hopefully this is taken care of soon.

Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


Thank you again for the support.

Thank YOU for your patience!


From: gunter


I just tested this in your forum and get the same message.

letting tech know ...

Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


as you get the same message, does that mean that it is a function of an error in Delphi?

In my forum or Ann's?