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Live Stories    Basic Help for Hosts

Started 10/9/17 by Ann (msana); 8072 views.
Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


The new story console is no longer reloading. I'm getting a work out with these messages that's for sure :)


From: gunter


oops, sorry, that was supposed to be to Ann.

There is some problem in that specific forum.

It's in the Talk City category, I'll try one there later?

Thanks for checking Gunter


From: gunter


Tried Live Stories with new forums, images don't upload.

Bless you - I was just about to open a new one. That's truly the last thing I need lol I'll start a Live Story on an old one (that hadn't had them set up yet) and see if it's the same for those.

OK I cannot even upload images to an older forum just converted to Zeta and enabling the Live Story console for the first time

But it worked fine here

And it's recent because Ann has pictures in her gallery already yet I'm getting stopped at that point.


From: gunter


Tech figured out the problem with not being able to add images, but it's not yet fixed.  In the meantime, there is a workaround - first load a Header Background Image in Customization and Design. That activates the storage space for images and allows adding images for Live Stories.

sorry we ran into all these snags while you are opening a forum ...