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Live Stories    Basic Help for Hosts

Started Oct-9 by Ann (msana); 2311 views.
gunter said:

In the meantime, there is a workaround - first load a Header Background Image in Customization and Design. That activates the storage space for images and allows adding images for Live Stories.

I'm not sure that will help Ann, she already had uploaded a header AND images to the Live Story Image Gallery, it seems to have 'broken' after that. Hopefully it is fixed soon :)

Editing to add - it looks like it is working in her forum? I see both Dan and her were able to add images to the Live Story (hurray)

Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


I am unable to post a live story again. After the console reloads, there is no option to enter a new story. A permanent fix would be great!

Oh goodness! Do you want to try my idea? Add me temp as an assistant and I will start a live story for you. Maybe that will kick the system hard enough (my account does have a Twitter account associated with Delphi)

I see a Live Story in your forum, what was it you were having problems with? The images again?

Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


I was trying to delete the live story titled "Ann's Place."

Close and Finish it first


then Delete the Finished Story

Not that story, but you see what I mean? I'll be out for an hour or so - but give it a shot and we'll see how things go now.