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Private Folders   Premium Forums

Started 10/22/17 by Dale (Rainbow1956); 2650 views.

Well I need the address too :) however I can only check to see if the folder is visible,  Gunter can access your controls. If you'd like me to still check PM the forum address or wetag too.

Msg 28106.7 deleted

Nope I do not see a folder called Board Only.

You can delete me from your forum and change the password. Or just delete me. I won't use it to return unless you asked me to. 

Dale (Rainbow1956)

From: Dale (Rainbow1956)


Sounds good.  :)  I see no need to delete... you must be a trusted soul, lol.  I did post that you were allowed in as support.  Thanks for testing it out for me!  Awesome job!

Hey you've adapted to Zeta quite well.  If you need any help just post! 

Queen is having problems seeing a private folder so make sure your staff members know that works both ways, they may need to log out to see a newly made private folder.

Dale (Rainbow1956)

From: Dale (Rainbow1956)


It appears to be working okay right now.  I have been in there responding.  Those who could see it yesterday can not see it today.   I will also let her know to log out and then back in to see the new folder. Thanks!

You are welcome, I noticed her post in this forum but members tend to visit their own first ;)