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Live Stories Not Working   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 10/26/17 by Ann (msana); 1026 views.

The story is still active, when you click on that Save this stream as a new post icon do you see this screen? If so what happens when you click Post? Nothing?

Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


The console reloads but there is no option to start a new story. Support usually has to reset it for it work again, which is a real hassle.

ok bare with me (bare? bear? which ever) I'm just trying to figure out if the problem is the forum (I'm aware of the issues you've had) or with your account and Live Stories.  So to be clear you did close the current story? Because I can see it Live in both the forum and in your Controls.

Would you like me to close, start a new story and then close it and we'll see if that resets it?


From: Cstar1


You're right, the Live Story isn't working/closing in your forum. Will report this again. I'm sorry this is not working right for you. 

  • Edited October 27, 2017 9:41 am  by  Cstar1
Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


It's working for now. Thank you again.

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Ann (msana)

From: Ann (msana)


That's ok. I get a work out coming back here for assistance ha :)