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web page   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 10/26/17 by Bette O (boblak); 2198 views.
Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


What ? You like spiders??????? Yuk.

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


Kid, do you know anything about using  a scrolling code  in a forum.  I've used this one for years  in messages and now it only scrolls half of the page then disappears.  If you get a chance..... on Bette O's requests, on it is the code for the scrolling car......

It scrolls ok in Firefox and EI it's only Chrome it does not work properly, why? Because Chrome does not support it. Short but true answer ;)

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


 I change to chrome because IE was messed up, now have to change to Firefox for the scrolling.  Can't win for losing, dang!!!!!!

Kid (Kidmagnet) said:


lol I mean IE (Internet Explorer)... sorry aboot that!

Even if you post with FF everyone with Chrome will still see the disappearing act. You can stick it in a table! That worked but it had to be really small to work well lol or not, worked for me on Classic, but I view this forum as Zeta so we shall see once I hit post!

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Much like the Talking Heads, he's on a road to no where!

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


Thats true.  Right now my brain is fried and I don't understand a t hing you said, I'll be here tomorrow night or whenever.  

One of the girls lost her home page and I'm trying to help, don't laugh.

Well I typed terrible, even I had a hard time just now rereading it.

Night Bette, :)