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web page   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 10/26/17 by Bette O (boblak); 2214 views.

It scrolls ok in Firefox and EI it's only Chrome it does not work properly, why? Because Chrome does not support it. Short but true answer ;)

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


 I change to chrome because IE was messed up, now have to change to Firefox for the scrolling.  Can't win for losing, dang!!!!!!

Kid (Kidmagnet) said:


lol I mean IE (Internet Explorer)... sorry aboot that!

Even if you post with FF everyone with Chrome will still see the disappearing act. You can stick it in a table! That worked but it had to be really small to work well lol or not, worked for me on Classic, but I view this forum as Zeta so we shall see once I hit post!

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Much like the Talking Heads, he's on a road to no where!

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


Thats true.  Right now my brain is fried and I don't understand a t hing you said, I'll be here tomorrow night or whenever.  

One of the girls lost her home page and I'm trying to help, don't laugh.

Well I typed terrible, even I had a hard time just now rereading it.

Night Bette, :)

In case you want to box up your scrolls - this is the code (I just used the editor to create a one column, one row table)

<table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 200px;">
            <td><marquee direction="left" scrollamount="7">
            <p align="center"><img alt="" border="0" src="" /></p>



Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


It worked, now I have to figure out how to use it.......sob

i got the gals theme fixed so I'm off to bed with a clear conscience.  g'night.