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Guests Spamming Violation Reports    New Features / Wish List

Started Oct-29 by Polter, just (polter); 763 views.

I would like to be able to disable or have the option to disable guests from using the 'report violation' feature at the bottom of each post.

We have been flooded with them (99% disingenuous baloney).

We feel that if one can't take the time to sign up for a membership, they should not be able to complain to us.   There is no way for us to know who to ask for more information, feedback, tell them we find the complaint valid or not, nothing.   

So I guess I'll put this as a 'wish list' item.  Has anyone else seen this problem?

We're talking 100's of them ... sigh

We had to disable guest access which hurts the forum imo, we did not want to do this but we don't have time for such harassment and bogus reports most likely from the same few troublemakers.  Thank you

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


You can disable report violation in controls advanced settings.

That's an option I didn't think of ... but we like the violation reports as they go to 4 e mail addresses of staff... 

we wish we could just turn it off for guests.   oh well the folder said 'wish list'

thank you


From: gunter


The thinking seems to be this goes hand in hand with allowing Guest access. When people can read without logging in, they should also be able to flag problem posts.

too bad this us being abused,  may need some changes ...

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I think that one should have an account if they are going to contact us about posts and such so it's not abused, so we can ask for more information or communicate further with them 

I would like guest to be enabled with them NOT able to file these faux reports - as usual a very small number of bad actors spoil things.


From: gunter


This may be one of the reasons why most have reporting turned off. I'll suggest a change.

In reply toRe: msg 6

The 'wish list' is a great idea, I appreciate the consideration, if this is not to hard to give us that option that'd be great

thank you