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How secure is Delphi?   Administrative Issues

Started 10/31/17 by AMThadenuff; 422 views.
Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


There is nothing 100% but there are ways to limit such. Your forum can be made private with password entry only. You can limit Google webbots in your settings. You can limit your members with codewords such as ‘Dovetail’ for a business’s name and use Private Messaging if you think something is sensitive. So with careful management, you might be ‘largely successful.’ Still, no guarantees as, for example, some companies may offer awards to rat people out. Encrypted messages would be another barrier.


From: Cstar1


AMThadenuff said:

Simply put, they claim they can find our home addresses through anything we post on the web. I have no doubts that can be done. I just want to know how secure this board really is? Can it withstand being hacked by professional hackers?  

Delphi offers its members anonymous memberships. If you have a free membership, you're under no obligation to give us your real name, much less an address. 

If you have a paying membership (Extra or Plus) you do have to give us your real name and credit card details. Credit card details are encrypted. 

Could that information be hacked by professional hackers? I suppose. But in the 30+ years we've been in business, I've never heard of it happening. 

Keep in mind that most claims at "hacking" are more often social engineering. If you link multiple social media accounts by what you post, it's often fairly easy to figure out who someone is by what they posted on Facebook, or Instagram or Delphi, or some other site, because each one gives separate clues as to that person's identity. If your members want to remain anonymous, I'd suggest they watch what they post that gives clues as to their identity. 

If you want your forum itself to be safe from casually prying eyes, make it private (requires the host have a Plus membership) and carefully vet your members before allowing them access. Do note, though, that even in private forums, the messages themselves can be emailed or screenshot, and if you have a spy in your forum, nothing that's said is truly secure.

Good luck with your forum - please be sure to ask if you have any other questions.