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Show Us Your Christmas Theme - Classic   Community Feedback

Started 11/3/17 by The Zookeeper (B0UNTYMAN); 4053 views.

I like the Christmas tree in the corner. What's the code for that?

EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)

From: EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)


... it depends on what theme you want to add it to. This forum has a grey action bar for example, so that would need to be removed before adding a corner image into the message area.

You're welcome to play with the Easy Peasy controls to try to create a whole theme as you would like it! x

Okay. I'm using the Goth theme; I thought maybe I could just add the Christmas Tree CSS.

EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)

From: EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)


... the Goth Theme has an action bar at the bottom of the messages I'm afraid ... and the Delphi Pre-Made themes occasionally do very odd things if you try to edit them with stylesheet code!

... try this if you want a dark theme ... you can change any of the colours or images

In reply toRe: msg 14

From: Cstar1


I've collected some of the Christmas themes I've run across here, and they're displaying also on our front page.

Let me know if your forum is sporting a holiday theme, and I'll be happy to include it in the Live Story. (Please provide a link to the forum.) 

Bunny (fwigginbunny)

From: Bunny (fwigginbunny)


Hi Cstar
My forum "Just Sigs" has a Christmas theme ...I change it though before Christmas...I like


Bunny (fwigginbunny)

From: Bunny (fwigginbunny)


I am a dummy at
I just saw that you had given Cstar the link to my forum after I'd posted the link to her.
Lets blame it on my old


Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


No you are not and it is so nice to see you! :)