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Forum posts Escalating For No Reason   Control Center

Started 12/14/17 by Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449); 1092 views.

From: gunter


Is this

Looking in your Controls, Detailed Traffic, I see your having a steady increase of Guest Visitors opening messages, is that what you mean?  Don't know where you are picking up traffic, it may be real visitors looking through messages, or search engines sorting the forum.  Interesting  but really nothing to worry about,  We've seen spikes of 1000+ at some forums at times.

I wouldn't call that sabotaging.

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Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449)

From: Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449)


Yes that's what I mean, Thank you for looking into it....I put up several posts every day, but not as many as controls says....

Okay I won't worry about it, and keep my forum running as I always have....Thanks Gunter....

Hey there! There are several reports in Controls that show different things that happen on our forums.

Detailed Traffic refers to the number of "visitors" you received on a specific date.

Pageview means how many pages (or refreshes) are viewed. Your Start page could be one, the message page, then each discussion clicked, each reply screen etc.

Posts by Member is the only one that involves actual postings. Is that the report you are seeing numbers rising on?

Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449)

From: Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449)


Hi Kid,

No the elevated guests is what bothered me, it seems from October and November that guest list elevated, overnight, by 300, that's a big jump up, for my forum....I'm not going to worry about it, since Gunter checked out the controls, and the page view reports, it still seems strange though, every day that guest list is elevated....Thanks Kid, for explaining things to, me....

You're welcome and Merry Christmas!

Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449)

From: Ro-Dylin Yankee (8449)


Merry Christmas to you, and your family, and a Happy New Year....