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Like button?   New Features / Wish List

Started 12/20/17 by Shri Lurk (Delurk); 1032 views.

From: Cstar1


Your forum is set to the older Classic style. If you upgrade your forum to the newer Zeta style like this one is, you'll have the hearts. 

You can see what your forum would look like in Zeta by using this link:

You can upgrade your forum in the control center.

  • Edited December 21, 2017 10:07 am  by  Cstar1

Note that like the rating stars on Classic, it does not say WHO liked the post.


From: Cstar1


Starter Forum - no ratings stars. 

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Shri Lurk (Delurk)

From: Shri Lurk (Delurk)


I am not clear, what is the solution?

Hi I am sorry if I am confusing things...

I thought you might be familiar with the old rating Star system many Plus forums used and most have disabled. Your forum level is Started so it's not available however if you upgrade your forum to Zeta as Cstar is suggesting one of the many new features with this format is the I Like This heart. It does not actually say WHO liked your post, but it adds a number beside the heart each time another member clicks it. (see the heart in your post)

Cstar posted a link you can use to see how your forum looks in Zeta without actually changing anything. Just add/zeta after your forum webtag in the address bar.