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Don't Forget To Promote!   Community Feedback

Started Jan-1 by Cstar1; 360 views.

From: Kidmagnet


Cstar posted the promo for you on Delphi's Twitter page. If your promo writer has a Twitter account (or Facebook) they can copy the promos to those pages either by hand (copy and paste) or by using the tools Delphi provides when you submit your Delphi promo. If you or your host/staff have any questions please go ahead and ask!

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From: Kidmagnet


Cstar1 said:

It's a new year, and time to refresh and start up your forum promotions again. Promos draw new visitors into your forum from both inside & outside of Delphi.

Don't forget the other ways you can effortlessly promote! Your Profile can carry links to the forums you host or favorites you visit. You forum's Related Forums section can lend support to fellow hosts. This is a few years old has a few ideas.

If anyone is interested in doing a site wide event let me know. Our Block Party a few years back was loads of fun.

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From: Kidmagnet


ok one more post and I'll be off lol

You can see the off Delphi promos here. It's the Live Story on this forum.


LOL you have FAR too much faith in me, woman. I don't do Twitter, but I think I have a Facebook somewhere. XD I'll also let Tana know. Thank you!


From: Kidmagnet


Well as long as one of you is promoting than your promos will at least occasionally show on Delphi's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Okie dokie! Thanks again, and thank you CStar!