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pageviews   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 1/3/18 by BillP49; 1292 views.

From: BillP49


pageviews aren't updating


From: gunter


I see. Thanks for the report.

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From: gunter


Running now, but missing data from the beginning of the year will not show.

our apologies ...

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Evie (EvieH)

From: Evie (EvieH)



I am having a problem with several issues.  First - I originally had my forum set up with "Go Firefox', but now for some reason when I use the firefox Browser when I come into my forum I am a Basic member.  With Chrome I am a Plus Member.  In chrome I can not copy/past links to certain posts!  I copied this to prove I am a Plus Member.  How can this be fixed?   Also we have recently  moved from PA to IL and I wonder if that has anything to do with these issues as I used to have Comcast and am now with  the only local server in this area. (Rock Island, IL).

Evie from The Light Within

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From: gunter


When you show as a DelphiBasic member, try refreshing the page. Log out if you show being logged in, then log in again.

How are you doing the copy/paste? You may need to highlight, then use ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste if the right-click on a link doesn't give you a Copy Link.

changing isp shouldn't make a difference.

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gunter said:

You may need to highlight, then use ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste if the right-click on a link doesn't give you a Copy Link.

I think she is using White's RTE script. The right click only works under certain conditions and Ctrl V broke many FF updates ago.

Evie your Firefox browser is showing you cached copies of your forum page, do as Gunter suggests and close those tabs in Firefox and then close Firefox itself. Once you open it up and log back in - it should see you as Plus.

Firefox made some changes which affected the editor from Go Firefox. In that case you would have lost the Go Firefox editor. Once you are sorted with your Plus account, if you have posting issues (copy/paste or anything else) let me know and we can sort out what to do.

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Evie (EvieH)

From: Evie (EvieH)


I tried that, several tomes, but it did not work.  I thought the Grease Monkey had something to do with my problem.  It shows up in other places when I am with Firefox, but not on my forum.  I am totally confused.  Prior to our move from PA to IL a Tech who claimed he knew how to work on Mac computers left my Firewall open.  After I began seeing all sorts of Pop Ups another person who claimed to be a Mac Tech tried to get into our bank account.  Thank goodness our bank stopped the transaction as it was someone from s Foreign country.  Since that happened and we moved here and are with Medicom instead of Comcast my Firefox Browser and my Google Browser will not allow me to do what I used to be able to do.  

My Co Host told me you'd mentioned to her that I was only a Basic member -- thus the reason I wrote you.  My oldest son used to help me with things like this, but we lost him a year ago in December, to Cancer.  Since then I've not been able to figure all of this out myself.  

I'll try the checking out and back in again and see if it works this time.  

Thank you,  Evie H

Evie (EvieH)

From: Evie (EvieH)


I did lose the Editor that I see here.   As I mentioned to Gunter my son used to take care of all my Mac Computer issues.  As my laptop was a gift from him.  He was with Google and one of their man people there.  Since his death I've had all sorts of computer issues.  Trying to figure them out myself has been a mess - on top of moving from one state to another and sizing down from a large 8 room house to a 4 room one, with a sick husband. I  let this ride for awhile  until we got settled here.  

To tell you the truth I do not know how  to  uncache pages.  It may have been the other Tech who did that because at first he got rid of my Google Browser.  I like to be able to use both of them.  I did pay the fee in October to renew my Plus membership.  While we were away due to my son's death my membership had run out and we were using another bank at the time.  I did switch my Comcast Email address to my Google one then.  So there are several issues here, and I was absolutely confused to what caused anything to happen as it did.  

I'll see if I can fix this myself - if not, I do need help.  

Evie H

All the Go Firefox greasemonky script did was provided you with an editor when you used the Firefox browser. Long ago Delphi's editor only worked with Internet Explorer so a member created the editor you go at Go Firefox.

You really do not need it any more. Lets get you set up with the Delphi editor which will work no matter which browser you are on.

On your My Preferences page look for this and check the box beside it, then click on Update