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Started 1/3/18 by BillP49; 1516 views.
Evie (EvieH) said:

To tell you the truth I do not know how to uncache pages.

Which browser do you prefer to use? If it's Firefox then look under History for Clear Recent history. Make sure you do not have ALL the options checked before you clear. I use these ones.

You should not need to use that a lot but it comes in handy now and again.

Once you have the Delphi Editor working you can create sigs in a similar way that you did with the Go Firefox editor. The instructions are here but of you need more help holler and I can hlep you as well.

Evie (EvieH)

From: Evie (EvieH)


Thanks.  In-between trying what Gunter told me to do (which I tried 3 x) and  coming back here I went to the "GOFirefox" forum and tried to download the new Firefox Browser.  Whether it worked or not I am sure, but I'll go now to check on it.  All this stuff is Greek to me.  As I said before my wonderful son used to help me with all of this stuff.  He fought his Cancer for 6 years and finally he was left with nothing else the Doctors and surgeons could do for him, and we lost him a year ago a few days after Christmas.   With everything that has happened in our lives since then I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure it all out for myself.  Perhaps the problem did start with Firefox making changes. 

I'll try what you said above and then if it doesn't work you'll see me back again.

Evie H

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