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Control Center-- Mobile Settings- Chat   Chat

Started 1/10/18 by heavn; 371 views.

From: heavn


Hi gunter,

I don't know if you are the person to ask. :)  I usually just post to you. lol

Here is a question. When setting up a forum, in Mobile Settings if I put the check in "Use basic mobile experience for classic forums"

does that perhaps keep some people from being able to access the chat room? for example with their cell phones? Yikes!
(I had wanted them to see the theme in classic.)

I wondered, because after I did that, three people posted, asking if they were banned. Evidently they weren't banned, since they were posting, so I figure they meant they couldn't get into the chat room.
One posted, "Can't get into this room keeps posting error 104-009-15437 all other rooms in delphi are no problem to enter any help or info would be appreciated."

Then I saw one of the persons who had posted, was showing on the list as being in the chat room, and I posted, "How did you get in?  Did you change anything?"

and he replied, " I was on my phone that must have been the problem"

So, in that forum, I changed the setting to "Use Zeta for Mobile", just in case.


Big Question:
Does that setting affect people's ability to get into the chat room?

I wonder, if I need to go ahead and do that for all rooms now.  Maybe I need to make the setting "Use Zeta for Mobile"
Do you have any advice, or opinion about that?   Just asking.

Thanks.  :)


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From: gunter


I think Using Zeta is the way to go, let us know if you are still getting problem reports that way. I doubt java chat is going to work much longer if that's where they end up.

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If you set it to "Use basic mobile experience for classic forums" they won't automatically see it as classic from a mobile device anyway. It's a bit hoop jumpy to get it to show you the classic theme and frankly most Classic themes don't display correctly on a small device. To make it easier for mobile members to get to Chat follow the directions below.

View the forum in question as Zeta (just type /zeta after the webtag) and access the Controls. Under the Chat section look for Chat Settings and at the bottom check the box beside Include Chat Now Button. When your mobile users access the forum they will see that button straight away.