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Zeta chat gone   Chat

Started Jan-24 by To Blessed To Be Stressed (ShortySis); 544 views.

Can't chat now since don't have zeta chat to get in rooms i been using my smart TV to chat and zeta chat was there than booted from room and now gone how do I get zeta back...


From: gunter


The default is zeta Chat now, you shouldn't have to set anything to enter a room via zeta. Is that not happening for you?

In reply toRe: msg 2

It not even showing zeta chat to check off to use for room can't get into Christians-R-Us to chat


From: gunter


OK - if I undetstand right, you are using a SmartTV and when you try to enter a room it doesn't work at all?  With current settings you should be entering directly without having to do anything. Are you able tyo access a room at all?

In reply toRe: msg 4

I got in room before but now the zeta chat gone. And says using Java legacy chat where zeta go


From: Cstar1


Zeta chat is now the default. When you click on a chat room name, you're automatically taken into Zeta chat.